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Submitted on
July 17, 2004


You know that picture of a Night Elf I drew?  It got me in to the WoW beta.  And I am playing it.  And I am happy.

I decided to go with a night elf druid, and on the side I'm playing a warrior tauren.  Early game leveling is much more interesting than the couple other MMORPGs I've played before (Dark Age of Camelot and Ragnarok Online), so I'm actually getting in to the game.  It's not exactly barrels of constant excitement, but it has its moments, and I know I've barely seen anything the game has to offer.  I've also only played enough to get my druid to level 9 and warrior to 8...  and I'm still hanging around newb land.  But at least the part that is slowest in most MMOs is much quicker paced than the ones I've played before.

I'm still taking commissions if anyone's interested.  I have one in progress, and one that's still kinda in the process of being thought up by the person asking me to do it.  :P  So I've still got room for more!!
GossamerWings Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2004  Student
Congrats ^_^
kitty-kit Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
:jawdrop: WOW ^__________^ .. i mean that both ways.... ;_; your so lucky... *CRIES AND RUNS OFF*

I'm glad you won though ^_^... it was a really good drawing.
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