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Submitted on
December 19, 2003


I should really remember to update this thing.  :P  So uhm, it looks like it's Christmas break!  I have a pretty cool Christmas lined up I think, and lots of art to do for peoples.  I'll try and get around to it for all of you, but who the hell knows.  :P  I've been, um, doing my usual thing, anime and video games, and school of course.  Lots of lost sleep, I didn't get more than 5 hours of sleep for about two months, woohoo!  Especially on nights before Japanese at 8AM, I got around 2-4 hours, great.  :P  As for the personal life, uh, it's fine?  XD  Life's cool, life's good, everything is happy-go-lucky.  Except I'm tired as hell, my friends are constantly coming over and taking me places and refuse to take no for an answer so I haven't had a moment of rest ever since school let out.  :P  And and and... so... much... Halo....  Half the time they come over, it's Halo that's up on my screen.  :x  Half of the remaining time it's me taking my XBox to some guy's house to play, like, 8 player Halo, and the rest is... Uh.... Random stuff?  :P  For my free time I've been just playing games like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, which I thought was gonna suck but is surprisingly great, and watching some animes, my favorite of which is Full Metal Alchemist.  Really, really good show.  :x  And... That's it.  Expect more art soon.  :p
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