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Naruto vs Sasuke II - WIP03 by poojipoo
Naruto vs Sasuke II - WIP03
NOTE: the file is a SWF and will require a computer to watch at full resolution!  The GIF is just a tiny thumbnail for preview.

Got another little sequence of shots I've strung together in to a short clip!  So many Narutos...

Animated in Flash CS6 and CC.
Naruto vs Sasuke II - WIP02 by poojipoo
Naruto vs Sasuke II - WIP02
NOTE: the file is a SWF and will require a computer to watch at full resolution!  The GIF is just a tiny thumbnail for preview.

I finished up a sequence of shots for my Naruto vs Sasuke II fan animation project that seemed to flow pretty well together, so I decided to put a new WIP up!  Hope you enjoy!
Naruto vs Sasuke II - Quick tutorial

I've finished a bunch more scenes from my Naruto vs Sasuke animation and figured I'd post a short shot with a little step-by-step process explained!  It's not much, but I hope it helps.  :)

As you can see above, I have 3 separate animations at different stages of the process.  Here’s a breakdown:

[1] I always start out with a scribble test to get the general idea of what I’m doing.  It’s ugly, it’s dirty, but it’s a very important first step!  You never want to start out straight in to detailed drawings with animation.  Make sure you’re happy with the motion first, then worry about good drawings.

[2] I then did up a naked mannequin rough to figure out what I’m doing with the body.  No details on the face or clothes yet, just want to make sure I have my general proportions and anatomy where I want them.  I also worked out a lot more of the motion.  I made tweaks in the final, but I’m setting things in stone here.

[3] Finally, I dress it up, tie it down.  If you look closely, different parts of Naruto’s body are different colors.  This is because I worked in passes.  In cases with this many moving parts, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time for the best motion.  First,  I started out with his clothes.  This allowed me to experiment with how I had the cloth flapping around in the wind without worrying about the rest of what’s going on.  After that, I worked out the hands and face.  Getting the volumes of the face right can be a bit tricky when turning it in space, but there’s a few tricks I might do another little tutorial gif on in the future. Finally, I did the hair then bandana in a similar fashion as the clothes.

Hope that’s helpful to some folks!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Naruto vs Sasuke animation II, teaser WIP by poojipoo
Naruto vs Sasuke animation II, teaser WIP
[This piece is a SWF, so to view it at full-res you'll need to use a computer!]

If anyone on here has been watching me for a ridiculously long time, you may remember an old Naruto vs Sasuke animation I posted up closing in on 10 years ago.  Well, as a little "10 years later" progress type of deal, I've started a new version!  So far I've got some boards and an animatic going, but I went ahead and tied down some roughs as a little teaser.  I'll be posting WIPs and other teasers as I finish stuff up as well, but so far this is all yah get!

(In case you want to see the old one, it's still up here:…  ....I can't even look at it anymore.  That was after my very first animation class, hehe..)
The studio I work for, Powerhouse Animation, is looking for a few skilled digital painters and animators in the Austin, TX area, or willing to relocate to Austin.  This would be for a full-time, long-term position.

We are looking for digital painters who are comfortable working in a variety of styles, from realistic to cartoony (and everything in between).  As for animators, we are looking for folks who have experience with traditional animation (not 3D), with bonus points going to those who can comfortably animate in both western and eastern styles of animation.  More bonus points for those who can do both animation AND digital painting!

We more than welcome students and those just out of school, but we are looking for exceptionally skilled individuals who will jump straight in to production without a ton of training, so please keep that in mind while applying.

If you're interested, please email me at with a link to your portfolio and/or demo reel.

Also feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, but please don't send your portfolio through DA notes or comments!  I may not see it or it may get lost!  Please email it!

-Sam Deats, Creative Director at Powerhouse Animation


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Samuel Deats
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United States
I work at a studio in Austin, TX called Powerhouse Animation where I am an art director working on a variety of projects, most notably video game projects such as Starhawk, Darksiders 2, DC Universe Online, and the Epic Mickey series.


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